04 September 2008



As I commented on Brooke's blog, I realized I don't think I have ever commented on yours, yet I am practically in love with your blog to the point where I'm considering a proposal, so this is really long over due.

I guess I am, what they call, a lurker, perhaps stalker, because I visit your blog often, and always love what you post. It's such a fun, design filled blog. I have even, okay this will just confirm my stalking tendencies, forwarded your blog on to others as a great design blog for them to check out. It's like I am a true HI+LOW fan, only I just never made it public until now.

You have a great eye for things that are often over looked, and I love coming here to see what fun and inspiring design oriented things you have seen or discovered.

So while this is kind of random post (but then again I only do random), I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog and how truly talented I think you are.

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