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16 July 2007



I followed the Kiosk link & got sucked in - so many great things there - thanks for sharing -

Your blog is great!


I also love to collect office accessories,and mostly i buy them from couponalbum.com..


I know this is an old post but I thought I would ask anyway...do you remember where you found that awesome yellow tape dispenser? You mentioned it was from Uline but I've spent hours searching on the web and I can't find a single dispenser that looks like yours! I've tried any number of searches and websites...I even contacted Uline. I know it's silly but it is exactly what I've been looking for for my boyfriend. Is there any chance you would be interested in selling yours? I hate to ask but I had to! Sorry! :) Maybe you can help me! Probably not, since it has been so long! I've enjoyed your blog...you have a great eye!

Thanks so much!


Tape dispenser found by a friend on Amazon.com!


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