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12 December 2007



congrats- the image looks amazing and I am sure it did in the magazine as well.


i noticed this in the magazine, and loved it.



lisa s

omg - how funny. i just was flipping through that magazine last night and thought - what a cool illustration... and then it's yours [not that i know you, but... oh you know what i mean!]

amy ross

Ha! I had the same experience as Lisa a few weeks ago. I was thumbing through the magazine on the plane ride home from Miami when I saw that illustration and went nuts over it... and then stumbled on this blog. Synchronicity, I tell you.

kirsten vuissa

abby, i just found your blog. remember me from byu wilderness writing class? i just bumped into prof. bennion a few days ago and he even remembered my name. small world. your work is wonderful. congrats!


Kirsten, yes, of course I remember who you are. I loved that class (especially the bear tagging in Southern Utah with the forest service). Drop me a line with your contact info...

samantha hahn

you're a genius

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