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29 September 2008


Erik Heywood

Woah. Jess & I were just looking at this stroller in Phaidon Design Classics & wondering if you can still get something this simple and great looking. We even considered tracking down a vintage model of this very one! Nice choice.


Oh how I love my Maclaren! So cool to see how it all started.


It was our first one; We bought it 16 years ago and lost it on a train in 1995... if someone have found it?

joanna goddard



Is it weird that this makes me want to procreate?

Roberta Jane

Such a great looking stroller... I also worked for Kate Spade in San Francisco about 7 years ago and I remember when we got the first Maclaren in!

Alexia Gand

I m french and i have that troller, I want to know how much i can sell it.
Yhank you

Bill Lee

Alexia Gand, i wil buy your stroller. please email me at pxl8267@njit.edu


Love that,Wish I still had mine

Dani Perry

My mum has my old one (1977) that she still uses for my 3rd child now... considering selling to the right person...

Jean-Pierre Wegmann

Wow thats great - I'm searching since many years for one of theese; ours has been stolen!:-(
I would like to buy it!:-)
Could you e-mail me on "jean-pierre.w@bluewin.ch"
That would be great!

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