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02 December 2008



i would welcome campaign propaganda if it were as nice as this :) i'm impressed.


This might be the greatest thing you have ever posted.


Wow! That is really amazing!!!


no way. this is so cool. . . and i especially like that he ate a raw onion.

Mrs Gorman

It's my stepfather's birthday today and he's 90 - same kind of spirit. He got his passport at the age of 89 to come to my wedding in London from Australia. And he loves pickled onions...

He's ok too.

maryam in marrakech

God, I just love every bit of this post. That postcard is genius. Please post a picture of your grandfather. I would love to see him - such inspiration.


Sweet! I love that so much. My grandpa is pretty cool too, he gets better with age, that is what he always says, he calls himself cheese.

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