30 March 2009


Whitney Johnson

This is so exciting! You are doing this -- where can I buy your clothes?

And, I would love to interview you on dare to dream if you and Katie are open to it?



I'll take two of everything. Holy cow, you guys are going to be BIG.


ok yeah this is all pretty amazing.


i'll reiterate: amazing. please let us know when we can take a closer look!


The Fall 2009 line will be available in select stores in August! I'll keep you posted.

viva b.

love it! want to see more...where can i buy?


Amy showed me the post cards she had... it was love at first sight! You guys are amazing. Can't wait to see it in real life!

Laura Normandin

I had seen a bit from Katie, I love it all so much!

Laura Bamburak

Fantastic, I want to own a closet full. Please post where we can find these delicious designs!


You guys have a wonderful and interesting point of view with Harvey Faircloth. It will be exciting and interesting to see the brand grow. By the way, well done with the art direction and site design. It's award winning!

Abby, you simply amaze me. I'm a fan of yours and have been following your design career since you were at MW but was always too shy to contact you. I think I bumped into you years ago as I was leaving after picking up my book from Yael. You were so sweet. I miss blueprint and was a fan of Katie's aesthetic so I'm pleased to find out about this new endeavor. I remember coveting a dress she wore on Martha Stewart and thought that she would do well with her own line.

Good luck! Send my wishes to Mara and Katie.


I'm such a huge fan of all of your inspiration. I can't wait to see them in person. Please keep us all up to date. Usually I want Summer to last forever, but now you've given me a reason to see it end.


i am katie's biggest fan. you all inspire me. i love girl power. best best best of luck, you won't need any luck though it is all incredible.


omg. wardrobe of my dreams... how can i see more?

Annie Callister

Wow! I had no idea you were starting a clothing line. It looks amazing. I wish you the best.


oh abby, i need every one of those dresses!

Hilary Nagler

BRILLIANT ... I can't wait to purchase. Stunning and could not be more up my alley ... Thank you ... another aesthetic home run from Abby!


congratulations! everything is really beautiful. Andy showed me the postcards. I gushed to Katie about them when I met her in person. Someday I hope we can meet in too :)
Best wishes to you all on this new endeavor!


best of luck! the clothes are beautiful. classic w/ a pop of something extra. love it.


I think that what I saw on your blog (the images of the collection) were absolutely gorgeous and really inspiring....I followed the link to the site and was asked for a password to view the collection....can you help at all? Thanks. Excellent work.


Yes, you have to be a retailer/editor to view the collection now, thus the required password. However, when we are a bit closer to August the images will be more readily available.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



yay! congrats!


no problem - absolutely beautiful work!!!

Raquel Raney

those colors.


looks gorgeous! can't wait to see more!



Congrats on the launch of Harvey Faircloth! The collection looks amazing and timeless Abby! These clothes are so exciting, makes the whole process of getting dressed something to look forward to every morning, afternoon, & evening!!! :[)


These are fantastic & beautiful! I love pretty much everything there. I'm looking forward to Harvey Faircloth being available in stores.


It looks like a very nice collection. Good luck with your collection

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