10 May 2009


lindsay barlow

Based on all of the stories I've heard . . . I think Im going to side with Abby and Greta on this one. :)

Annie Callister

Oh what a treasure! Those notes just made my day...still laghing. I wish I could have seen Aunt Heidi's face when she read those. Thanks for sharing!


oh the attacks!!!!! All I know is that babysitting two younger sisters is not at all what it's cracked up to be... ;) Happy mothers day to all of you mother's!

Erik Heywood

"Mom, Abby started it." Love the parting shot. I've never heard you swear, Abby. I guess you got it all out when you were being babysat!

seesaw designs

these are so awesome/hilarious.

and a little random, but the other day at sunday dinner my sis-n-law started talking about a clothing line her cousin started in NY and i immediately knew she was talking about harvey faircloth. mara is her cousin... small world. can't wait to see more from that btw.

-angela hardison

Su Ling

This is so precious


love this, remember the note my sister wrote calling my dad a beach

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