21 September 2010


Julia Clark

this makes me smile....i grew up with this stuff and HATE the sight of bright yellow packaging...but good to see it being appreciated.

bettijo @ PagingSupermom

I think the packaging is SO cute. Wish a company here would do it!

Kristyn Hancock

I'm with Julia. I grew up with and hated it too. So funny that some people see it in a different, more positive, light.


No Name being featured on a design blog makes me smile. In our house growing up my parents always bought No Name, unless the brand was cheaper due to a sale. When you opened the kitchen cupboards it was YELLOW inside. We complained about it as kids (“why can’t we have KRAFT macaroni?”) but my parents were later able to help us with college, so I guess it was a good trade off ;)

Jessica Define

That's awesome!

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