08 March 2012


samantha hahn

oh my gosh-----breathe taking! I just pinned it. I'm in awe. If you ever take on commissions let me know!


Janome sewing machines are fabulous. My mother's has been going strong for about 25 years, with one $50 dollar repair in all that time. They come with a ton of features and are easy to use.
However, we since learned that Janome also makes Kenmore sewing machines for Sears. SO my sister and I both bought Kenmores and have been happy with them. Among the features I like in my basic model are the backstitch lever, the buttonholes, the ability to sew through several layers of denim, and the blanket stitch (weirdly hard to find in non-computerized sewing machines. Oh, and it quilts.
The catch? I am not sure Kenmore brand sewing machines are available at Sears in the US. You might have to make a road trip to Canada to get one.


Samantha: I may do an experiment with giving one away in the near future to see what comes of it. I'll keep you posted.

LM: Thanks for this. I have a school model Singer, and the backstitch is not the best. I've heard good things about Janome. I'll check it out!


Absolutely stunning! Very inspiring.

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