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20 March 2012



So happy to have you posting regularly again! Hi + Low is one of my absolutely favourites!


i completely agree with the above comment! i've missed it! this is brilliant!
january, x


These are such amazing invites. So simple and so elegant. I am very curious though, on the link to the photographers page you get a snapshot of another part of the invites...the one that is on white card stock, what does it say? I'm wracking my brain but you've got the invite, the RSVP, the agenda... What's on there? You don't have to tell me all of your secrets, but just a general idea...is it directions or...?


brisendm: The light colored card is an invitation for the bridal party from the bride-to-be. The card is a pale pink with pink hand-lettering. Glad you like them!

Mac keylogger

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.


Where did you get the invitations done?


Gorgeous invites!


Where did you buy your cardstock? Thanks for sharing! Super-cute!

Kim Wike

Where can you get kraft paper card stock?


Kraft paper from French Paper Co.

Wedding Photography Melbourne

I love the simplicity. :)

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